Jacking Three Internal Floors

Jacking three internal floors

We are thrilled to share that our team at PHL HYDRAULICS UK Ltd has been selected to complete a challenging jacking project in London. Our task involves jacking three internal floors in an existing building, increasing head heights and adding an additional floor to the building. We will be using 170no -30t- 200mm stroke FPT jacks and two synchronized pumps to achieve the output required.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our operation, we have implemented a bespoke remote plc monitoring system with audible and visual alert capabilities. This system will keep our site and remote teams informed in real-time of our progress throughout the jacking operation, showing live data of movements, force, pressure, and loads.

We are grateful for the support and collaboration of Hydrotechnik UK Test Engineering Limited, Mitchell Driver, Elisa Arzeno, Larry Mareth Fabrications, and DYWIDAG not to forget all our Management & Engineering team members for their exceptional work and turnaround times.
Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Jacking Three Internal Floors

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